Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welcome to Libertatem Funes!

Since the ancient Egyptian practice of measuring fields with ropes, and through the reign of many feudal kingdoms to our system of self-governing, the Land Surveyor has been called upon to objectively preserve the harmony of peaceful society. The foundation of a free society is vested in private property rights. The Land Surveyor is the legal authority charged with identifying  those rights on the ground.


Today our liberty is being undermined by an abusive society of adolescent minded serfs and servants in need of a King willing to reign in the security which they themselves are too lazy to maintain. Like slaves on a plantation they know no better that to live indentured to a system committed  to the deprivation of liberty through social dependence.


Libertatum funes (Ropes of Freedom) is a blog dedicated to underscoring contemptuous acts of modern “progressivism” and the degeneration of our precious liberty by the modern “progressive” movement. I call on my fellow Land Surveyors to employ the knowledge you profess, and demonstrate the defense of liberty with your intellect. This is our forum to demonstrate our discontent with the current “progressive” movement's vandalism of freedom.

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